Medi SPA packages

Kundalin yoga package, 2 nights 152 € for one

Wonderful weekend with Kundalini yoga. Both beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome to the course. After the yoga classes you can swim in a seawater pool, enjoy massages and paraffin mask for hand or for feet.

Sea Spa package, 1 night from 58 € for one

Do You hear the sea calling? Or You hear, but You don`t listen … Here is the sea everywhere, come, look, listen and experience …

Day for Yourself, 1 night from 70 € for one

The secret of satisfaction lies in knowing, how to enjoy the existing… Re-discovered freedom… all day… just for Yourself…

Men and women like there used to be, 1 night from 70 € for one

There's no long story here .... The best holiday for men and women used to live, starts here ...

Weekday package, 2 nights 135 € for one

Release the feeling within You that makes You happy about simple things. Joy is the most important! Replace tight action with free time and relax Yourself for the weekend! Know how to be happy and make others happy…

SPA relaxation package, 7 nights 371 € for one

This package includes treatment procedures and helps You to restore Your health and relieve joint and nerve injuries and illnesses. A peaceful soul, a happy mind and satisfaction are the foundation for happiness, health and long life.

SPA therapy package, 7 nights 455 € for one

This package includes treatment procedures and presents you with an opportunity to live a longer life – to the full. It is the best gift you can give yourself or your loved ones.

Mud cure package, 7 nights from 63 € for one / 1 night

Traditional Haapsalu´s mudcure package is old classic… We treat cronical diseases with the mud we know… We know how the mud works for you!