Catering for groups

Fra Mare restaurant Bergfeldt offers catering for groups and larger parties. Here is a selection of menus that can be unpacked and made to your liking.

Those wishing to have a group menu are kindly asked to count the order from a group of 10 people. For better and quicker service we recommend the same menu for the whole group.

​We kindly ask you to pre-order the menu at least 3 working days before arrival.​

L – Lactose free   G – Gluten free   V – Vegan   T – Vegetarian

Menu 1

  • Clear fish soup L, G 5€
  • Roast pork with warm cream sauce, boiled potatoes and steamed vegetables G 7€

    (minimum amount 10 portions)

  • Apricot cake with vanilla sauce 3€

    (minimum amount 10 portions)

  • Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea

Total: 15,00€

Menu 2

  • Cherry tomato – mozzarella salad G 4€
  • Warm chicken salad in honey mustard dressing L 7€

    chicken, pepper, onion, potato slices, salad, oyster sauce, chilli sauce

  • Strawberry soup with ice cream G 4€
  • Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea

Total: 16,00€

Menu 3

  • Caesar salad with thin-sliced braised veal 6,50€
  • Fillet of salmon in a honey and lime glaze served with boiled potatoes, steamed vegetables and a white wine sauce G 10,50€
  • Warm blueberry cake with ice cream 4€
  • Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea

Total: 21€

Menu 4

  • Goat’s cheese and pear salad G 6,50€
  • Chicken fillet stuffed with blue cheese and sun dried tomatoes and served with vegetable-shrimp snaps and carrot sauce 10€
  • Orange crème brûlée served with fresh berries G 5€
  • Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea

Total: 21,50€

Menu 5

  • Feta salad G 4€
  • Ratatouille G, L, V 5€
  • Kama-berries yogurt drink 3€
  • Water, bread, buns, coffee or tea

Total: 12,00€

Additionally you can order

  • A glass of house wine 4€
  • A bottle of house wine 17€