Healing Yoga House

The healing Yoga House is made possible by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency’s structural funding of 192 878€, provided by the European Regional Development Fund.
Thanks to the generous support, the Healing Yoga House opened its doors at the beginning of 2023. Through this project, our current wellness and treatment spa concept is expanded by healing and wellness yoga. Our aim is to offer a holistic experience of yoga, healthy nutrition, relaxing and healing procedures-treatments, enriched by our beautiful nature environment (sea, forest). We hope that in the near future, we will become one of the first providers or evidence-based healing yoga services and a centre of competence.
Yoga is a part of our life style…
Kundalini yoga weekend package, find more information HERE.
Kundalini yoga classes start again from September on Mondays at 18:00-19:45. 

Find more information here.

Healing yoga for the back exercises, which takes place every day at 16.10 – 17.00 (except for the yoga package weekends) at our HEALING YOGA HOUSE. Find more detailed information here.

Yoga therapy and ayurveda package, 2 nights. Find more information HERE.

Read and dream…

I open my eyes, still half asleep. I do a big stretch when suddenly I realise that I am in Haapsalu. Oh! I discover myself in a hotel room which is minimalistic yet bright and cozy with three small mandalas painted on the wall which remind me of clock gears. Are they moving? Impossible! I rub my sleepy eyes once more and decide: NEW BEGINNING for my body and soul – the moment is now!
“It’s good in Haapsalu…” I recall hearing from the radio and catch myself thinking that this room has such a good aura. It was only yesterday when I arrived to Fra Mare for a yoga getaway, and soon I will have my first morning yoga class. I shall get myself ready to go for a brief walk around the Paralepa beach under this beautiful light blue sky. Just to wake myself up and enjoy… enjoy the moment. JUST ME AND THE SEA!

Walking down from the parking lot, I notice the sea hiding behind the reed, so eloquently dancing in the wind. The sea is blue with a tint of grey, its waves whispering from afar. The sudden call of swans wakes me. Ah, there they are – two beautiful white birds. I take a deep breath of the salty sea air and start looking for the Fra Mare Healing Yoga House. Where could it be? Ah, there it is! How could I not see it? It blends in so well with the surrounding wildlife, the green pine forest and the field of flowers. I wonder, how have they created such a harmonious coexistence? A meandering footpath takes me to the front door. On the right side stands a water fountain made of natural stones. I love the soothing sound that the water makes when making its way down the pebbles. On the left there is a wooden terrace with comfortable basket chairs. I notice a few warm blankets by their side, perfect to lie down in the sun between classes for a rest. Oh yes, I will definitely come back here and land on one of them.

I enter the Yoga House and greet ‘Sat Nam’! Before anyone gets to reply I already feel a warm embrace of a home. The cracking sound of a virtual fireplace catches my ear. Oh, how soothing it is. I notice a slight smell of pine resin in the air. I can barely comprehend that I am already indoors – the presence of nature is still so strong.


The foyer is bright and spacious with its two light-coloured couches. There is nothing in excess. The floor is covered with carpets and I see slippers carefully placed for guests arrival. I am attracted by the slightly yellow-grey coloured wall made of Ungru limestone in the background. How interesting, I think. Stone is usually cold, yet this local limestone appears so warm and makes such a wonderful contribution to the whole interior. A true masterpiece of nature.

WATER, WOOD, FIRE, EARTH, METAL – the five elements

I enter gradually the big and spacious yoga room, stepping on the floor that has the colour of beach sand. I hear beautiful birdsong and wonder if a bird has flown into the room – so clear and bright is the sound of its song. A large window wall on the left lets in some natural daylight. Someone seems to have left a window open as the white sheer curtain is playfully swaying in the wind. Perhaps they wanted to let in some fresh sea breeze between the yoga classes.


This whole room could easily fit up to 40-50 people to practice yoga, I catch myself thinking. Everything is set ready for the upcoming yoga class. I notice a large floor-to-ceiling shelf that has every yoga equipment you can imagine. There are yoga mats, blankets, pillows, blocks, straps – you name it. A scent of cardamon, pepper, glove, ginger and cinnamon is tickling my nose. It is the Yogi tea they offer before the class, laid out in the small kitchen corner on the right.


I allow my eyes to wander around for a bit longer.


A warm glow of light is cast through the paper lanterns that are hanging from the ceiling just like five suns. I look further up and am taken by the magical starry sky. I imagine myself meditating here after the final savasana. The seven stars that constellate the Big Dipper shine brightly, leading me to the wonders of the Universe.


Finally, my eyes stop on the powerful mandala on one of the walls. I feel myself calm down and am suddenly taken over by this familiar feeling – the feeling of having arrived HOME.





Pildid: Fra Mare Thalasso SPA ja Pixabay