Kundalin yoga package, 2 nights

Kundalin yoga package, 2 nights

Wonderful weekends with Kundalini yoga take place at any season: in Winter, in Autumn, in Summer and in Spring. Both beginners and advanced practitioners are welcome to the course. After the yoga classes you can swim in a seawater pool, enjoy massages and paraffin mask for hand or for feet.

from 201 € for one

February 9 – 11 / from 201 € for one
May 24 – 26 / from 219 € for one
October 11 – 13 / from 219 € for one

The yoga classes are conducted by Kaili Leht/Siri Atma Kaur.  A short presentation of the teacher is available below.

Yoga classes are held in Estonian  in the Healing Yoga House. NOTE! A yoga class starts, if at least 6 people have signed up for the class.

The yoga package includes:

• 4 x 1.5h yoga classes

Friday at 18.00 – 19.30
Saturday at 8.30 – 10.00
Saturday at 14.30 – 16.00
Sunday at  8.30 – 10.00

• accommodation on two nights in a twin room at the hotel, (extra fee 56 € for a single room).
A small tip: you can save money, if you visit us alone. When booking the room, tell us that you wish to share the room with another yogi, together is more fun;
• 2 breakfasts (7:30–11) and 2 dinners (17-20) at restaurant’s buffet;
• bathrobe
• 3 therapies:

2 x  massage 25 min.
1 x  paraffin mask for hand or for feet

• morning swim in Thalasso Day SPA seawater pool from 8 to 10;
• nordic walking/morning exercises by the sea from 8:30 to 9:30;
• use of Thalasso Day Spa pools and saunas (3 hours) Mon-Thu at 15-21, Fri-Sat at 13-22, Sun at 8. –21

Package begins 15 on the arrival day and ends 12 on the departure day.

We kindly ask You to pre-book treatments.
Pre-bookings can be made spa@framare.ee

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Who am I?

Siri Atma Kaur is a grand and magnificent spirit. This name gives courage and skills to inspire other people in search of their soul and through that to achieve their peace of mind.
I am a Kundalini yoga teacher in Lääne county and Haapsalu. I gained my knowledge from the Karam Kriya school of Kundalini yoga teachers in London. I guide classes on a daily basis in Lääne County and  in Haapsalu at Fra Mare, I instruct athletes and schoolchildren. Yoga is my hobby, work and way of life. For me, Kundalini yoga is a key, which opens the heart and door to an enjoyable life. I invite you to Fra Mare Thalasso Spa on four weekends in a year to relax and practice Kundalini yoga, which is based on the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.
Kundalini yoga is a form of yoga, which uses physical exercises, breathing, sound vibration, hand positions, body locks and meditation to enhance energy movement in the body. Kundalini yoga aims to improve the energy level of your body, open your creativity and bring you into contact with your true being. Kundalini yoga improves the glandular, nervous and immune system, blood and lymphatic circulation, brain, heart, lung and kidney function while removing toxins from the body. Kundalini yoga teaches to release and guide your energy. This is achieved not through perfect positions, but by getting to know yourself and acknowledging that you are exactly the way you are and that is good.