Moving is the basis of health and beauty…

One can stay active even while on vacation!

You can lend Nordic walking sticks, bicycles and skis from the hotel reception.

Hotel guests can use our GYM during its opening hours 7am-10pm, except during the classes of gymnastics, yoga stretching or stretching therapy.

The gym is equipped with a wide range of fitness machines.

The nearby Paralepa pine forest is ideal for a refreshing walk in the nature. There are marked walking trails of 3 km and 5 km to choose from.

Maps with marked walking trails are available at our reception. The health and ski trail is drawn both on the map as well as marked in the nature.

You are welcome to attend a healing yoga for back every day at 16.10-17 at our Gym hall.
Take care of your back and come to yoga!
Yoga session fee 12€

Healing yoga session for you back health is instructed by our lovely yoga teachers and the duration of one session is 50min. The yoga sessions include elements that strengthen your muscles, recover the elasticity of tissues and the mobility of the spine, and improve your balance. We concentrate on breathing, safe movement (going into and coming out of a yoga pose) and improvement of physical strength.
The yoga sessions are suitable for all ages and genders.