Moving is the basis for health and beauty…

One can be active even during vacation!

You can lend Nordic walking sticks, bicycles and skis from hotel reception  

Guests of our hotel can use GYM on opening hours 7am-10pm except for in time of gymnastics, yoga stretching or stretching therapy.

At Your disposal there is a range of fitness machines.

Paralepa pine forest located nearby is ideal for walking, there are marked paths with the lengths of 3 km and 5 km.

Maps with marked paths are available at our reception. The health and ski trail is drawn on the map and is marked in nature.

You are welcome to attend yoga stretching every Wednesday and Friday in our gym!

40-minute yoga stretching classes are conducted by our sports instructors. These stretching sessions are based on yoga-like exercises, combining elements of yoga and Pilates. When performing the exercises, focus is on breathing, moving safely (getting into and coming out of positions) and developing individual physical capability. Suitable for men and women in all ages. Yoga stretching Improves physical wellness, elasticity of muscles and overall movement capability. Relaxes the body after a long and busy day.