Beauty world

‘Beauty is the only thing
worth living for…’
/Agatha Christie/


The Fra Mare Thalasso SPA Beauty World provides first-class service, an intimate and private atmosphere, a personal approach and a lovely seaside milieu.

Indulge yourself in Thalasso beauty treatments, luxurious baths and range of massages offer the quickest way of breaking out of your everyday routine, lifting your spirits and spoiling yourself.
Your skin and hair form an invaluable asset which requires the best care – and as such we only use beauty products that are of the highest quality.

A peaceful atmosphere, enjoyable moments, and finding time for yourself.

The Fra Mare Thalasso SPA Beauty World is here for you!

Thalasso Beauty World is located on the first floor and are open Mon- Sun 8 – 18
Ranna tee 2, Haapsalu, Estonia
Phone: +372 47 24 612

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Fra Mare`s hairdressers use the high quality products of SCHWARZKOPF.
In addition to the usual haircut, hair dye and curling services, the parlour offers:

HAIR AND SCALP TREATMENT during which the hair mask  is applied to the washed hair with gentle massage and then heated under the hairdryer for approximately 10 minutes; then the hair is thoroughly rinsed.

NB! You can also purchase Schwarzkopf products at our parlour for home use.


Fra Mare`s cosmeticians use products made by the German company BIODROGA.
In addition to the usual facial cleansing, hair and décolletage massage services, we also offer various special facial and body care procedures.

AQUAMARINE is greenish-blue precious stone witch belongs to beryllium family. This stone has symbolized through the history harmony, peace of soul and wellness
Harmonizes body and soul and calms down stressful skin.

Manicure and pedicure

Fra Mare`s pedicurists use products of Allpresan, which are meant for dry or extra dry and problematic skin

NB! Also available – special foot cream for diabetics!

After a manicure and pedicure it is very useful to apply a PARAFFIN MASK to the hands and feet.
Paraffin has a substantial heat capacity and works like a mini-sauna. It expedites the penetration of moisturizing substances into the deeper layers of the skin, improves its blood supply and facilitates the opening of the skin pores. Dry skin becomes soft and acquires a healthy hue.
Paraffin application contraindications:
acute trauma; inflammatory diseases of the skin, skin injuries; peripheral diseases of the blood vessels; sensitivity disorders in the members.