Day Spa centre

The Thalasso Day Spa is a modern and attractive sauna and pool complex where you can make the most of rest and leisure. Here you can recharge yourself with a combined mental and physical experience, and forget all your worries. The sea water pool with its range of massaging cascades and falls, the indoor jaccuzzi and the heated outdoor pool with terrace all reduce physical stress and offer plenty of aquatic fun. Different saunas give you a needed relaxation after a long day’s work. The cleansing and restorative properties of the saunas help you to relax and revive your energy levels.

Thalasso Day Spa is open Mon-Thu at 15-21, Fri-Sat at 13-22, Sun at 8 –21

Thalasso Day SPA 3 hour visit costs:
Sun – Thu 11 € per person
Fri – Sat 17 € per person
On national holidays 17 € per person

All children under 2 years visit the centre for free.  
All children under 14 years can visit the centre under the supervision of an adult.

The visit of Thalasso Day Spa can be booked by phone: (+372) 472 4612 or (+372) 472 4600;
or by e-mail
Without prior reservation we cannot guarantee you a place in the centre. 

For your convenience, we recommend taking a bath towel and rubber shoes with you.

High-temperature FINNISH SAUNA (max. temp. 110°C)

The Finnish sauna is primarily designed to make your body sweat. Hot steam makes the time you spend in the sauna more enjoyable and relaxing. Afterwards you can cool your body down under our cold water cascade (in the room directly in front of the sauna).

Low-temperature FINNISH SAUNA (max. temp. 70°C)

This sauna is designed for clients for whom high temperatures are not suitable, such as children, women and the elderly. The sauna has a pleasant smell of juniper and is reminiscent of a wood-fired sauna.

STEAM SAUNA (max. temp. 60°C)

Steam cleanses the skin – the largest organ of the human body. As the heat speeds up the chemical processes of the body, steam sauna is the easiest and most convenient way of removing its excess toxins. Steam opens up pores and stimulates the millions of sweat glands to exude metabolic and other waste matter, resulting in better skin texture, tone and elasticity. Increased blood supply and metabolic rate also improve skin complexion, whilst simultaneously burning more calories and strengthening the cardiovascular system.

SALT SAUNA (max. temp. 60°C)

In the salt sauna your entire body is rubbed down with sea salt. As you relax on a warm stone seat you soon begin to sweat; the pores of your skin open up and your blood vessels expand. Rubbing with salt cleans the skin by removing dead skin cells. At the same time, the salt improves blood supply to your skin, reduces any swelling and leaves you feeling generally refreshed. It is recommended that you keep the salt on for between 5 to 15 minutes, after which you can wash it off under a shower. After salt sauna it is a good idea to visit a Finnish or steam sauna and have a relaxing time in a jacuzzi.

SANARIUM (max. temp. 60°C)

The advantage of the sanarium is its lower temperature, which allows you to lie in the sauna for up to 20 minutes. It is considered to be very suitable for children, the elderly and anyone less inclined towards higher temperatures. The aroma stimulates subcutaneous blood circulation, while the colourful play of lights ensnares your senses, helping you to relax your body and tense muscles.


An infrared sauna is milder on your health, as the temperature only rises up to 40-60°C. However, one perspires much more than in a regular sauna as the infrared rays penetrate deep into the human body and warm all organs from the inside. The heat rays have a beneficial effect since they lack radioactive radiation. Through perspiration of toxins, heavy metal salts, fatty acids and cholesterol residues from the body, you will experience a total physical cleanse. 

Recommended stay in an infrared sauna is 20 – 30 min. Before and during the sauna, one should drink plenty of water. Do not immerse yourself in cold water after the sauna, because your muscles and body tissues have been deeply warmed.

Infrared sauna relieves symptoms of chronic fatigue and muscle aches, improves the nervous system and potency, increases the level of growth hormones, perks one up, reduces stress, cleanses the skin and improves its appearance. The infrared sauna is also an effective cellulite destroyer –
one 30-minute sauna session will burn over 600 calories.
There is no age limit on use of the sauna, however, infrared saunas are not recommended for those who have heart or skin problems, just like regular saunas.


Our sea water pool features a range of massage jets and cascades and it is maintained at a constant temperature of between 29°C and 31°C. Sea water procedures help in the prevention of osteoporosis and diseases of the joints, restoring balance in the body and reducing discomfort caused by stress. Heating sea water to an optimum temperature improves the absorption of beneficial substances found in the water. This offers a boost to your metabolism and supports kidney function and blood circulation. The jets and cascades can be used to massage the soles of your feet, your thighs and your buttocks.


Our spacious jacuzzi (31°C-34°C) is fitted with massage jets and is designed to reduce stress. Sitting comfortably in a pleasantly warm jacuzzi is simply a wonderful way to pass some time. It is a perfect place to sit back, relax and let the cascading water massage you.


From Thalasso therapy point of view, sunlight is a true therapeutic tool. Sunlight promotes the production of serotonin, which is a vital hormone for the body. Your body must get the amount of light it needs to stay healthy. Heliotherapy or sunlight therapy is recommended for those suffering from emotional disturbances or nerve illnesses, but it is also useful when recovering from a serious illness or disease. It has also shown good results in the treatment of psoriasis (in combination with sea water baths and mud therapy). The heliotherapy room has 10 heated stone benches that are designed for high-comfort relaxation and to keep you warm after long periods in the water.


In the same room as our sea water pool there is a cold and warm water walking track. Walking barefoot on sand is like giving yourself a localised massage which is an excellent form of therapy. It reduces stress and pain, activates the metabolic process and increases the flow of blood and nutrients into the cells and organs. In Estonia, this is a treat you can unfortunately only afford in the summer. For the rest of the year,  the Kneipp walking track is a perfect substitute  you can walk through alternate flows of cool and warm water in a pool filled with natural sea stones of different shapes, sizes and textures.


The water temperature in our outdoor pool is 27°C.  A swim in this pool is a bracing experience which leaves you bursting with unexpected power, as it combines being in the cold of the outdoors, enjoying the crisp sea air, with the warmth of the water. It is not to be missed, especially after some time in the hot Finnish sauna. You can access the outdoor pool through the connection with the pool room. The pool is surrounded by a deck which has reclining lounge chairs – the perfect place for sunbathing in summer.