Therapy lexicon





Acupressure – this is a five-thousand-year-old oriental massage method, which uses a finger to exert pressure on bioactive points on the sole.
The sole is an extremely important area in reflex therapy as the reflections of all organs are located there.
For diagnosing and treatment, acupressure is based on classical medicine, anatomy, physiology and pathology.

Acupressure is used for treating arthritis and spinal diseases, gynecological diseases, nervous pain, indigestion and related diseases, stomach and gall bladder diseases, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory tract diseases, colds, headaches, migraines, insomnia, fatigue, hair loss and impotence.

Indications for acupressure:
– joint and spinal diseases;
– neuralgia;
– diseases and disorders of the digestive tract;
– stomach and gall bladder diseases;
– cardiovascular diseases;
– respiratory tract diseases;
– colds;
– headaches, migraines, dizziness;
– insomnia;
– fatigue.

– tumors;
– blood diseases;
– fever;
– severe heart and kidney diseases;
– acute tuberculosis;
– gastric ulcer;
– hyperactivity;
– dermatohpythia;
– pregnancy.


The aim of the Acupressure Mat is to stimulate and release your endorphins, commonly known as the body’s natural pain reliever. The endorphins intensify the relaxation effect. Relaxation can prevent and ease symptoms that exist in a stressful life, e.g. having trouble sleeping, muscle stiffness, build-up of tension in the neck, shoulders and back, tension headache, feelings of stress and lethargy. Deep relaxation can also give you a feeling of renewed energy and well being.
Do not use the Acupressure Mat if any of the following conditions apply to you: you have a pacemaker or any heart disorder, you have blood coagulation problems (for example, hemophilia), you are undergoing treatment with anticoagulants or blood thinners (this is because there is a high risk of subcutaneous bleeding and bruising), psoriasis, or other skin ailments or inflammations, high blood pressure, pregnancy.


Aquamarine care unites historical beauty secrets with modern technology, combines oriental treatment with traditional cosmetics,  gives maximal recreation and care for body and soul, balances and harmonizes body function, guarantees a fresh look which comes from fresh energy, and
provides special wellness feeling.  Aquamarine stone energy removes energy blockage and provides extraordinary and new experience.

Skincare lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes and contains:
face and décolleté area scrub
light massage for foot
eye cream
massage with Aquamarine sticks
individually suitable masque
aquamarine’s day cream

AQUAMARINE is a greenish-blue precious stone witch belongs to the beryllium family. Throughout history, this stone has symbolized harmony, peace of soul and wellness.
Aquamarine harmonizes body and soul, and calms down stressed skin.


Aroma massage – a real pampering for your body.
A skillful choice of aroma therapy oils and slow stroking movements relieve problems such as tense muscles, cellulite, stress, sleeping disorders, blood pressure fluctuations, climactic problems or just a bad mood.
Essential oils which strengthen your immune system stay in your body for up to 72 hours, rejuvenating tissues and improving the elasticity of your skin.


Aromatic mud treatment – this treatment has a peeling effect, it facilitates excess liquid and residual substance discharge, improves the metabolism, facilitates weight loss, relaxes tensed muscles and treats chronic inflammation.

The aromatic mud therapy combines a mud treatment and a massage.  It consists of a full massage treatment with specially enriched sea mud (efficient natural active substances will be added to the mud), a body-wrap in active mud, a shower and finally a full massage with light, nutritious oil.



Rich in real vitamin C, this body wrap is extraordinary with regenerating effect and energy. Collagen production and skin tone, strength and elasticity will be improved.
Body care begins with a body scrub with vitamin C-enriched wax, which contains lemon and papaya concentrate. Body care continues with a relaxing massage during which a gentle vitamin C cream-wrap is applied to the body.



Natural milk in the form of a silky froth carries you into the world of perception, caressing your skin with unbelievable tenderness. The bath turns into a snow-white lake filling all your senses with tranquility and contentment. Your body is surrounded with pleasant and delicate peony aroma.
Caress from milk proteins and sea collagen moisturizes the skin and invigorates it with nutrients. Harmony of body, soul and mind revived in natural milk froth opens the secret of Cleopatra’s beauty to us.


Curative Gymnastics accelerates healing processes and restores the ability to work.
Curative Gymnastics is essential for joint diseases (to improve or restore the joint’s function), for rehabilitation in case of central and peripheral paralysis and in post-traumatic treatment.
Curative Gymnastics shall be conducted by a physiotherapist in small groups or individually. Exercises are different depending on the disease and the person’s general condition.




A deep care mask is applied on clean hair with light massaging movements and rinsed off in 15-20 minutes.
Hair is rinsed thoroughly.
Result – the scalp’s blood circulation and hair’s texture improve and hair starts growing faster.
To achieve the best results the procedure has to be carried out once a week over a period of two months.


This is a comprehensive and dynamic slimming body care procedure. It is designed for clients who are looking to improve the appearance of their skin (reducing the ‘orange peel effect’) and activate slimming. This is followed by a seawater and algae-based mask that speeds up the sweating process, eliminating toxins and metabolic waste from your body. At the same time the mask enriches your skin with micro elements and minerals. The treatment is finished with a massage stimulating lymph and blood circulation.


A medical consultation by a doctor includes a needs-based counselling, blood pressure measuring, assessing the client’s health status and prescribing therapy packages. A medical consultation by a doctor is included in several packages as a compulsory element. As for other packages, it can be chosen as an optional therapy.




People have used ear candles in their curative procedures for a long time. Ear candles facilitate energy circulation and their effect is based on burning the candle. In the first so-called induction phase, a negative pressure is formed in the ear and the smoke of herbs and honey descends into the auditory tube. In the second so-called main phase, the pressure alternates, stimulating energy points and reflections in the ear area. During the third so-called fireplace phase, the glands in the auditory tube are activated. Congested pores open and the rising air extracts resin from the ear.
Ear candles are made of pure cotton fiber, containing honeycomb wax, propolis, essential oils and herbs. The candles soften and remove resin from the ear, relieve pain, enhance local blood circulation, stimulate hearing, improve lymph circulation and metabolism.

Indications for ear candles:
– nervousness;
– insomnia;
– stress;
– headaches;
– colds;
– inflammation;
– concentration problems;
– ringing in the ears.


Amplipulse treatment – An electric current, the strength of which is prescribed individually for each client, relieves strong nerve, joint and muscle pain.

Contraindications: tumors, blood, internal and contagious diseases, pregnancy, epilepsy, joint endoprosthesis, metal bone fixators, pacemaker.

Darsonval treatment – the use of a high-frequency oscillating current. This treatment improves blood circulation and tissue metabolism, and in addition it relieves and soothes muscular tension.

Indications for using Darsonval:
– multiple nerve pain;
– neural headaches;
– local blood circulation disorders;
– trophic ulcer;
– wrinkle prevention.

Ultrasound treatment – application of high-frequency, low-intensity sound for treatment purposes. The procedure has analgesic, relaxing, and anti-inflammatory effects. Ultrasound treatment is also used through ointments.

Indications for ultrasound treatment:
– chronic arthritis and nerve inflammation;
– degenerative joint diseases;
– chronic pain syndromes;
– scar tissue and surface junctions;
– contracture.

Magnetic therapy– tissues are treated by a low-frequency magnetic field, which improves their metabolism and has an analgesic and relaxing effect. In addition it lowers blood pressure, so it may be used successfully on people with high blood pressure and the elderly.
Indications for magnetic therapy:
– peripheral nervous diseases;
– chronic muscular and joint diseases;
– post-traumatic edema;
– chronic dermatological diseases.

Magnetic laser therapy – a low-frequency magnetic field enhances the effect of the laser. This therapy has a strong anti-inflammatory, edema-relieving, analgesic and rehabilitation-enhancing qualities.

Indications for magnetic laser therapy:
– arthritis;
– inflammation of the periosteum;
– trophic ulcer.


This is an intense body care procedure with an exhilarating start. You spend 20 minutes under the water jets of the Vichy shower with massage streams having your whole body excited.
Your body is influenced using fine needle-sharp jets of water, and if you wish, intermittent sprays of hot and cold water can be used. This procedure has an especially useful anti-cellulite effect.
The active and very fine jets of water promote the circulation in the subcutaneous cells.
The treatment ends with a pleasant and very soothing massage which uses a luxurious moisturizer. Maximum relaxation and wellbeing improves skin’s moisture levels and oxygen supply, provides skin with better tone and strength and returns a fresh, healthy glow to previously sallow complexions.



This is a deep-cleansing facial treatment for men that both moisturizes and nourishes, leaving you with a clear and fresh complexion. The result of this luxurious procedure is a skin that is softer and more elastic.


The aim of the treatment is to offer a complete solution to clients who would like to improve the appearance of the skin and activate body’s slimming process. The treatment starts with a body exfoliation using Caribbean Brown Sugar infused with Vitamin E and Vanilla Oil. The procedure trims the skin, decreases cellulite and eliminates toxins and excess liquid. Your body is then enveloped in a rich and nourishing blend of warm chocolate-coffee to lull you into a deep sense of relaxation. This luxurious treatment will also infuse essential minerals into the body as well as deeply nourish the skin. This indulgent treatment is finished off with an aromatic massage with aromatic oils.


This is a special type of therapy that takes place in our sea water pool where you float on the surface. Special equipment is used to keep you afloat, although it is vital that your ears remain filled with water while you are in this position. You hear special music being played from the speakers installed within the pool itself, which has a calming effect and is excellent for stress relief.



Our exquisite procedure nourishes your mind and body completely, leaving your skin rejuvenated, toned and firm. Experience the golden luxury of a fresh, youthfully glowing skin.

The duration of the golden deluxe body treatment is 80 min



From a Thalasso therapy point of view, sunlight is a true therapeutic tool. For your body to stay healthy, it must get the amount of light that it needs. Heliotherapy or sunlight therapy is recommended for those suffering from emotional disturbances or nerve illnesses and it is also useful when recovering from serious illness or disease. Very good results have also been achieved in the treatment of psoriasis (in combination with sea water baths and mud therapy). Sunlight promotes the production of serotonin, a hormone that is vital to the body. The heliotherapy room has 10 heated stone benches that are designed for high-comfort relaxation and to warm you thoroughly after long periods in the water.


Herbal bath enhances nerve and cardiovascular function, and reduces stress. Sea minerals facilitate skin metabolism and remove excessive liquid from your body. 

Different concentrates of hot water and herbs have a relaxing stress-relieving effect; in addition they treat skin inflammation and relieve pain. We use warm fresh water baths (temp 36-38 degrees) with herbal extracts.

We use the following concentrates in the herbal Jacuzzi:
Medical Melissa (India) – indicated for anxiousness, stress and sleep disorders, aids relaxing.
Chamomile – indicated for inflammatory skin conditions, has a skin-softening effect, suitable during pregnancy.
Rosemary – indicated for overstrain, stimulates blood circulation, has an anti-cellulite effect.
Sea gel – helps the mind and body to relax, stimulates the regeneration of cells, regulates sebum secretion, stimulates the production of natural collagen.
Herbal bath (sage, lavender, thyme, mentha avensis) – provides relief for rheumatic ailments of the musculoskeletal system, has a sedative and overall toning effect.
Procedure lasts for 10-15 minutes.


This is a type of body care that comes with different treatment options: those for sweaty and swollen feet, and those for dry and cracked feet with bad circulation. The procedure uses body care products that contain herbs and medicinal plants especially designed to treat specific skin types and foot problems. Your feet will enjoy every treatment, as their antiseptic effects deodorize, disinfect and take stress away. The procedures also improve circulation and help to maintain moisture balance in the skin. Wraps intensify the effects of these procedures.
The treatments work directly on the skin, softening it and relieving irritation and pain in the feet.
They also have a long-term effect on sweaty, dry, stressed or cold feet.
Contraindications: sensitive or inflammatory skin, varicose veins, leg operations.


Honey massage comes from Tibet. It normalizes blood pressure, cleans toxins from the body, enhances toning, improves blood supply, skin condition, respiratory organs, the lymph system and general feeling.
The procedure lasts for about 40 minutes and it is recommended to have it not more often than once a week, for 5-6 consecutive weeks.
Honey massage is recommended for patients with osteochondrosis.

Indications: back diseases, common cold, arthritis, metabolic disorders, dry psoriasis, cellulitis.
Contraindications: general contraindications for massage, abscesses, alcohol intoxication, diabetes, pregnancy, a very young age, skin diseases, serious psychological disorders, high blood pressure, heart diseases, pacemaker, honey allergy.



Allow yourself a few relaxing moments and discover ancient therapeutic techniques from India. This pleasant and calming massage with lots of essential oil relieves insomnia and improves blood circulation. The nutritious oils used on your scalp and hair enhance the effect of the massage. The comfortable sitting position adds a unique sensation.
Come and experience a piece of India!


An infrared sauna is milder on your health, as the temperature only rises up to 40-60 degrees. However, one perspires much more than in a regular sauna. This sauna enables infrared rays to penetrate deep into the human body and warm all organs from the inside.
The heat rays have a beneficial effect, since they are lacking radioactive radiation. Warmth penetrates the tissues to a depth of approximately 4 cm. Together with the perspiration of residual substances and poisons, heavy metal salts, fatty acids and cholesterol residues are separated and a total cleansing of the body takes place.
Before and during the sauna, one should drink plenty of water.

The sauna relieves chronic fatigue, muscle aches, improves the nervous system and potency, increases the level of growth hormones, perks one up, reduces stress, cleanses the skin and improves its appearance. The infrared sauna is an effective cellulite destroyer. In one 30-minute sauna session, will burn over 600 calories.

There is no age limit for the use of infrared sauna. Infrared saunas are not recommended for those who have heart or skin problems, just like regular saunas.


Inhalation – inhaling medicine in an aerosol form. The patient inhales a medicinal spray using a mask or a small tube (mouthpiece). Depending on the individual case, the medicine may be an expectorant, bronchial spasm relaxing or just moisturizing-calming.

We use the following inhalations:
Chamomile-inhalation – for treating chronic and acute nasopharyngeal and upper respiratory tract inflammation.
Inhalation mix (eucalyptus, menthol) – for common cold illnesses.
Ambroxol (expectorant) inhalation – for treating acute bronchitis, inflammation of the windpipe and chronic obstructive lung diseases.
Ventolin inhalation – for patients with asthma and chronic obstructive bronchitis. Ventolin dilates the bronchi and relieves breathing.

Procedures will be conducted every day. One procedure lasts for 10 minutes. The length of the course of treatment depends on the disease and the indication.



Our spacious Jacuzzi (31°C-34°C) is fitted with massage jets and is designed to reduce stress. Sitting comfortably in a pleasantly warm Jacuzzi is simply a wonderful way of passing time. It is the perfect place to relax, just sit back and let the cascading water massage you.


The treatment is designed to achieve the perfect hands. Emphasis is placed on clean, beautiful fingernails and cuticles that are so healthy they shine, not to mention equally beautiful skin. A well cared for appearance is achieved even after the first treatment. As part of the therapy your hands undergo a special and very thorough exfoliation procedure. Your nails and cuticles are then worked on with particular care. The treatment helps to restore moisture balance and makes your hands softer and smoother. It is particularly good for clients who have problems with dry skin, cuticles and unsightly growth.



In the same room as our sea water pool there is a cold and warm water walking track. Walking barefoot on sand is like giving yourself a localized massage, which is an excellent form of therapy. It reduces stress and pain, activates body’s metabolic process and increases the flow of blood and nutrients into the cells and organs. In Estonia this is a treat you can unfortunately only afford in summer. For the rest of the year, however, a perfect replacement is the Kneipp walking track where you walk through alternate flows of cool and warm water in a pool whose base is covered with natural sea stones of different shapes, sizes and textures.



Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Measuring cholesterol – cholesterol is measured from capillary blood (i.e. fingertip blood test). The general cholesterol content is determined.
Measuring bone density– a convenient, painless and fast procedure. You will learn the results immediately.
ECG – electrocardiogram – a graphic projection of the heart muscle’s action. We make ECG’s upon the doctor’s prescription or the patient’s wish.
Determining blood sugar content in blood – blood sugar content is determined from fingertip blood. The test will be taken in the morning on an empty stomach, if the doctor has not prescribed otherwise.
Assessing the sole of the foot – foot soles shall be assessed by the means of the Pad Professional programme, which helps to determine pathologies of the foot, conduct fast diagnosis of bones and muscles, and choose suitable orthopedic foot supports.


Laser therapy – analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and reducing allergic hypersensitivity.

Laser beams were first used in 1961.
As a result of this treatment:
– oxygen content in the blood increases;
– nerve ending sensitivity decreases;
– blood supply improves;
– metabolism improves;
– air circulation in lungs improves;
– haematopoiesis improves;
– pains, edemas and inflammation symptoms diminish or disappear;
– tissue restoration intensifies;
– immunological processes intensify;
– blood’s ability to bind oxygen increases.

Laser therapy also provides good results in case of joint, muscular and tendon inflammation and in treating post-traumatic conditions, trophic ulcer and phlebitis.
The course of treatment should consist of at least 3 procedures and a maximum of 10 (16) procedures. The length of the course depends on the diagnosis. The final effect of laser therapy can only be seen weeks later, however most of the patients feel improvement even during the course. Treatment courses may be conducted 2-3 times a year. The interval between two courses should be at least 3 months.

Contraindications of laser therapy:
– malignant tumours;
– blood diseases;
– cardiac or renal failure;
– tuberculosis;
– contagious diseases;
– toxic increase of the thyroid gland (thyrotoxicosis);
– pregnancy.


Lavender body care – in this delicate scrub, the small exfoliating beads of beeswax are mixed with lavender essence which, when applied to your skin, remove dead skin cells. This delicate aromatic scrub moisturises, nourishes, and softens the skin, making it exceptionally smooth and elastic. Lavender aroma brings you inner peace and bliss.


This treatment has a deep moisturizing and tautening effect. It is suitable for any skin type, but is especially effective on dry skin, skin with a low moisture content or a slack skin.
To make the treatment as effective as possible, a concentrate which matches your skin type is added under the mask.
The procedure gives your skin a healthier glow and leaves it feeling fresh and relaxed.


Soft massage stimulates the circulation of lymph liquids and activates the removal of residues from the body. Relaxes and eases muscle tension, provides good results in case of edema, blood circulation disorders and metabolic diseases.
Lymph massage is used in medical and beauty treatment.



Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Massage – this is the best know method for relieving stress and tension. Improves metabolism, restores energy losses and creates perfect pleasure.

Treatment packages include 25-minute massage procedures. In order to gain the best results during this time a partial body massage will be given according to the patient’s wishes and doctor’s recommendations.

Massage is indicated for various morbid conditions:
– post-traumatic conditions of bones and muscles;
– chronic pain syndromes;
– diseases related to muscular atrophy or excessive muscular tension.

Massage is contraindicated if the patient suffers from:
– malignant tumor;
– acute tuberculosis;
– cardiac or renal failure;
– acute inflammation;
– fever;
– contagious diseases;
– leukemia;
– psychosis;
– varicose congestion.


A relaxing and calming procedure, which also normalizes blood pressure. The patient sits on a comfortable chair, letting music and vibrations work on him/her.
– high blood pressure;
– headaches;
– fever;
– bone pathologies;
– inflammation of muscular connections;
– arrhythmia.


Fat content monitor, Omron BF306, works on the principle of bioimpedance: the height, weight, age and sex are entered in the device. On the basis of this data and the value of measured body resistance, the organism fat content is established. The result in per cents is displayed on the screen and the device also calculates the index of body mass. This is a simple and convenient method for determining fat content of the body and observation of its changes in the course of training and lowering of weight.


50-minute yoga stretching classes are conducted by our sports instructors. These stretching sessions are based on yoga-like exercises, combining elements of yoga and Pilates. When performing the exercises, focus is on breathing, moving safely (getting into and coming out of positions) and developing individual physical capability. Suitable for men and women in all ages.

Benefits: Improves physical wellness, elasticity of muscles and overall movement capability.
Relaxes the body after a long and busy day.


Body treatment  smooths and nourishes the skin, especially dry skin. This body treatment is designed to achieve well nourished, gently perfumed silky skin. The treatment begins with a body peel, followed by the application of an aromatic beeswax-mango mask with natural ingredients to improve the softness and elasticity of skin. This is followed by a shower and a light massage with moisturizing cream. Duration 75 min.


Fra Mare Thalasso SpaFra Mare Thalasso Spa

Mud therapy – cures chronic inflammation and relieves pain, has a biostimulating effect (accelerates metabolism and cell renewal) and removes excess liquids from your body. You’ll feel pleasantly relaxed after the procedure.
Composition of the mud used in therapy and its effects on your body:
We use sediment mud from Haapsalu Tagalaht. The mud contains Na, Cl, C, Fl, I, sulfate and other ions. Specific types of bacteria participate in the mud formation process and during this process, sulphyrilated hydrogen will be discharged, giving the mud a specific aroma. Curative mud influences the body as a thermal, mechanical and chemical irritant. Changes take place in the nervous and cardiovascular system, the skin, blood composition and metabolic processes. As a result of the mud treatment procedures, the client will experience a rise in their pulse rate, their breathing becomes faster at the beginning of the procedure, and their blood circulation improves. At the beginning of the course of the treatment, a chronic disease may become more acute, as the metabolism increases. Irritation of several receptors in the skin with hot mud intensifies suppression processes in the brain – that’s why the patient feels sleepy during the procedure and especially afterwards.

Mud therapy procedure
Haapsalu’s curative mud will be used for wrapping the whole body or only a desired area. The treatment lasts for 15 – 20 minutes.
The optimal temperature for large mud applications is 40-42 degrees Celsius, 44-45 degrees Celsius for smaller applications and 37-38 degrees Celsius for full mud baths. In treatment packages, the procedures are conducted every day or every other day, depending on the general condition of the client. If the client tolerates the treatment very well, the scheme may be changed, but you have to consult the doctor beforehand.
Total mud application – an approximately 5-cm thick mud layer will be poured on the couch, the client lies on it and their limbs and stomach area will be smeared with mud. Mud will not be applied on the heart area.
Local mud application – clients whose age or diseases do not allow the use of mud wraps may use ‘mud gloves’ and ‘mud socks,’ meaning that the client puts theirr respective limb in a vessel filled with mud.
‘Mud pants’ mean that they will be wrapped up to the waist.
After the procedure the client takes a warm shower and gets dressed.
After that they sit or lie in a 20-22 degree Celsius room and rests.
Indications for mud therapy: rheumatic diseases, chronic joint and muscular inflammation, diseases of the spine, muscular atrophies, post-traumatic and post-operative adhesions and scars, chronic dermal diseases (psoriasis, eczema), chronic gynecological diseases , chronic internal diseases.
Contraindications for mud therapy: fever, tumors, blood diseases, hemorrhages, 2. and 3. stage cardiac failure, certain kidney diseases, mental diseases, pregnancy, tuberculosis.



Nordic walking is suitable for people of all ages and health conditions.
Nordic walking is twice as efficient as usual walking. It has a good effect on joint diseases and can help to get rid of neck and shoulder pains, as well as to activate stunted muscle groups of people with a sitting lifestyle.

The walking stick is rigid and light, with a special wide adjustable hand band and a special nozzle for use while walking on asphalt. The correct walking stick is 50 cm shorter than the person’s height.



Monitor Omron BF306 measures the user’s metabolism values by bio impedance analysis. First, the user’s height, weight, age and gender are entered into the device. Next, body fat, muscle and bone percentage, BMI, basal metabolism, resting daily energy expenditure and visceral fat percentage are determined on the basis of the previously entered data and the measured body impedance values.



Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Paraffin therapy – has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. A good treatment for chronic joint and muscular diseases and post-traumatic changes.

Paraffin therapy is used for softening muscles before massage and joints before physiotherapy. As a result of the heat, skin capillaries extend, supplementary capillaries open, and the blood and lymph circulation becomes more intense.

A mixture of paraffin and ozocerite, which is heated at 80 degrees Celsius and cooled down to 39-42 degrees Celsius, shall be used for therapy. Adding ozocerite to paraffin gives the mixture a larger thermal capacity – a quality to provide the body with heat more slowly and over a longer period.

Paraffin-applications shall be conducted within treatment packages either every day or every other day.

Contraindications for paraffin therapy: acute trauma, inflammatory diseases of the skin, skin injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, limb sensation order.


Paraffin is excellent at holding in heat and works like a mini-sauna, helping the moisturising substances to penetrate into the deepest layers of skin, improving its blood supply and promoting the opening of pores. Dry skin becomes soft and takes on a healthy complexion.
Please note that paraffin procedures may not be suitable for those suffering from acute trauma, inflammatory skin illnesses or diseases, skin injuries, peripheral blood vessel illnesses or sensitivity problems in extremities.

Hand and foot paraffin treatment – moisturizes deeply, treats the skin and improves blood circulation, softens cuticles and nurtures the skin.

We offer tea tree oil paraffin (antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, enhances the healing process of small wounds, heats and improves blood circulation) for feet and lavender paraffin (soothing, antiseptic, anti-spasm, antiviral and improves blood circulation) for hands.

Contraindications for paraffin therapy: acute trauma, inflammatory diseases of the skin, skin injuries, peripheral vascular diseases, limb sensation order.

Photo: Visit Estonia


Facial paraffin is the perfect means of maintaining and rejuvenating the skin on your face. The paraffin mask softens and nourishes your skin and effectively stimulates circulation, increasing blood supply to the skin, reducing muscle tension and generally soothing and relaxing.

Paraffin works on the skin like an insulation material, bringing together warmth and moisture. The pores of the skin open up as if in a ‘mini-sauna’ and the moisturising substances work their way into the deepest layers of skin.
This luxurious procedure results in dry skin becoming softer and taking on a younger and healthier appearance.


Pearl baths stimulate the functions of the nervous and cardiovascular system and reduce stress, while their sea minerals foster the metabolism of the skin and work to remove excess liquids from the body. The baths also have a highly relaxing and cleansing effect on your energy field.
We use warm fresh-water baths in which pearl-like bubbles massage your body.
Different bath salts are added to the water:
Eucalyptus – stimulates breathing if you have a cold
Lavender – helps to ease rheumatic and lower back pain
Rose – reduces physical and psychological stress and activates your sensuality
Seaweed – softens and moisturises the skin
Green tea – improves the metabolism
Vanilla – raises overall tone


Moisturizing wrap consists of a light massage with an active substance, wrapping in plastic for 15-20 minutes, followed by light massage with a moisturizing substance. A special oil-based substance is used for this treatment. Your whole body will be massaged with the substance, which enables the desired peeling. During the wrap it feeds, renews, moisturizes and smooths your skin and enhances its elasticity.



REIKI energy – the essence of all essential.

REIKI comes from Japanese and means higher science and vitality (REI- universal, higher science; KI- vitality).

We use the form of treatment called Usul Shiki Ryoho or Usui’s natural healing method after the rediscoverer of REIKI Mikao Usui. In the course of the procedure REIKI energy penetrates the therapist’s crown chakra and exits through his/her palms, thus regulating the client’s energy body and physical being.



In the salt sauna your entire body is rubbed down with sea salt. As you relax on a warm stone seat you soon begin to sweat; the pores of your skin open up and your blood vessels expand. By rubbing yourself with salt your skin is cleansed and the dead skin cells are removed. At the same time, the salt works to improve blood supply to your skin, reducing any swelling and leaving you feeling generally refreshed. It is recommended that you keep the salt on your skin for between 5 and 15 minutes, after which you can wash it off under a shower. After your salt sauna it is a good idea to visit a Finnish or steam sauna and bathe in a Jacuzzi.


The salt chamber makes you healthy.
Sessions of modern spray physiotherapy or halo therapy are conducted in the salt chamber.
The main active components are the fine salt spray and the accurately controlled temperature and humidity during the treatment session.
Salt spray stimulates the protective mechanisms of the respiratory passages, has a cleaning, expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect.
This is a universal treatment for the whole respiratory tract as nose pathologies are often accompanied with diseases in the respiratory passages.
Salt reduces panting and swelling of the respiratory tract, and it becomes easier to relieve sputum. People who tend to sneeze stop choking, congested noses open and runny noses are reduced or they stop completely. As salt contains negative ions it is also good for the nervous system and has a stress-relieving effect.
Indications for the salt chamber: bronchial asthma; chronic rhinosinusophaty adenoids; chronic pharyngitis; psoriasis, eczemas; allergic dermatitis; adiffuse neurodermatitis; stress, exhaustion.

Contraindications for the salt chamber: high temperature; acute virus disease; acute fit of asthma; cardiac insufficiency; kidney diseases; acute pulmanological diseases; tuberculosis; respiratory insufficiency; untreated hypertonia.


The advantage of the sanarium is its lower temperature, which allows you to lie in the sauna for up to 20 minutes. It is considered to be very suitable for both children and the elderly and for anyone less inclined towards higher temperatures. The aroma stimulates subcutaneous blood circulation, while the colourful play of light ensnares your senses, helping you to relax your body and tense muscles.


This 30-minute treatment starts with SAD light therapy. SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) light therapy is used to reduce the effects of winter depression and tiredness and to treat sleep disorders.
As winter in Scandinavia is almost always dark and people tend to become more depressive and susceptible to colds during this period, SAD light therapy is an excellent alternative to sunshine. After light therapy You can enjoy the relaxing effect of the sea room.
The only sound in the gently lit room is that of the sea lapping against the shore. As you comfortably stretch out on the chair and sip of cup of tea you can trace the course of the day on the mural in the room, from sunrise to sunset.
Sea room is the ideal place to cool down and rest after hot procedures.


Our sea water pool is maintained at a constant temperature of between 29 and 31 degrees Celsius and it features a range of massage jets and cascades. Sea water procedures help to prevent osteoporosis and joint diseases as well as to restore balance in the body and reduce discomfort caused by stress. They also improve your metabolism, kidney function and blood circulation, as heating the sea water to an optimum temperature increases and speeds up the absorption of the substances found in the water. The pool is fitted with jets and cascades which you can use to massage the soles of your feet, thighs or other body muscles.


A short stay in seventh heaven is the best way to relax the tension in your shoulders and neck. It is the best way to switch off during a busy day. All mounted tensions will be relieved with a pleasant massage and your blood circulation will get some stimulation too. You will be ready for new challenges once you come back down from the clouds!


Beautiful hands and a great feeling! This is a pampering and caring procedure that begins with a gentle exfoliation. This is followed by an ordinary manicure, where your nails are filed and your cuticles treated. After the manicure a softening and toning mask is placed on your hands for 5-10 minutes.
To finish, your are given a gentle hand massage using a nourishing, soothing and moisturizing hand cream.


This is an enjoyable treatment for your lower legs which includes thorough exfoliation of your feet and shins.
After the exfoliating cream is removed you are treated to a full pedicure – calluses are removed, your nails trimmed and filed and any unsightly growth is taken care of. A moisturizing mask is placed on your feet for 10-15 minutes to finish off the pedicure. Once this mask is taken off, your legs will be given a light massage using a special cream.
Contraindications: sensitive/inflammatory skin, varicose veins, foot surgeries.


Steam cleanses the skin – the largest organ in the human body. As heat speeds up the chemical processes of the body, a steam sauna is the easiest and most convenient way of removing its excess toxins. The pores of your skin open up in the steam and the millions of sweat glands will exude metabolic and other waste matter, resulting in a better skin texture, tone and elasticity. Improved blood supply and an increased metabolic rate also produce better skin complexion, while at the same time burning more calories and strengthening the cardiovascular system.


Stone massage is a healing method reaching back for thousands of years. It was known among Indians and Chinese and, according to historical records, was enjoyed already by the ancient Roman imperators. Stone massage based on oriental teaching is made with specially polished lava stones radiating heat and transmitting positive energy.
In stone massage the stone energy, stone heat and body’s energetic system are combined. During the massage, energy blockades are relieved and the body’s energy balanced, thus bringing about improvement of health.
Massage is founded on the theory that the human body has seven energy centers or chakras conducting energy exchange with the surrounding sphere as well as within the body. Disorders in the work of chakras may bring about depression or low mood.
The purpose of the massage is the stimulation of certain body areas to release energy, therewith eliminating physical troubles.

Before massage the stones are heated to the right temperature for the client and placed on certain points or chakras of the body. By placing stones on all seven chakras the stone passes its heat through vibrations to the body. The heat from the stones expands blood vessels therewith improving blood circulation, soothing pains and relaxing tension in muscles, improving to skin elasticity, activating lymphatic system, having favorable effect on hormones, digestive and metabolic system, balancing energy and contributing to stress relief.
Stone massage is not recommended in case of wounds and ulcers, high blood pressure, varicose veins and several skin diseases. It is also not recommended to pregnant people and people hypersensitive to heat.



“Thalassa” is the Greek word for sea. It is in the sea that the beginning of all life has its origin and it is in the sea where the similarity with oneself is concealed. Throughout times, the sea has attracted human beings to itself, for the view that opens up into a distance, wide and undetermined, as well as the salty sea air have a cleansing, calming and healing effect on humans.
Thalasso therapy was already known at the time of the Romans and Greek for its useful and stimulating effect on the health of humans. The basic elements of the classical thalasso therapy are therefore sea mud, seawater, food from the sea and the sea air, which are ceentral to the treatments and relaxation procedures in many different countries. The best known procedures using seawater are hydro massage, gymnastics in heated seawater, face masks containing algae and mud as well as air baths taken at the sea beach. In the European health care system the effects of a marine therapy have been researched for a long time, leadint to the conclusion that the thalassotherapy essentially strengthens the human immune system.

In Estonia, thassalo therapy is offered solely by us.

We are surrounded by the healthy seawater of the bay of Haapsalu, from where the mud used in our treatments comes from. You will also find elements from the sea in other treatment procedures, in the menu of our restaurant and all over Estonia only our guests may relax in a pool filled with seawater.

Regarding thalasso therapy, the ESPA (European SPAs Association), of which the Estonian SPAs Association (ESPAL) forms a part, a definition for a clear understanding of the term of thalasso therapy in Europe was established. On the ESPA website you will find the criteria for thalasso therapy under the subdivision of THALASSO

„The thalasso therapy comprises a huge range starting from the treatment of chronicle diseases (asthma, respiratory conditions or psoriasis, skin diseases) up to preventive treatments which form a part of wellness SPA programs.“

The thalasso therapy is characterised by the following criteria:
1. The thalasso therapy is a type of therapy with which preventive procedures, healing treatments and the planning of a healthy way of life are applied, depending on the client’s symptoms. The plan which has been worked out may only be performed under medical supervision and by following the instructions of a professional staff.
2. The institution where thalasso therapy is performed must be situated directly at the sea, for the immediate effect of the marine climate is of essential importance.
3. With regards to preventive and healing treatments seawater plays an important role, be it for inhalation purposes and (or) baths taken in a tub, a pool or right in the sea, depending on the need.
4. When healing procedures and other treatments are offered, products coming from the sea, so to speak, like mud and algae, are used.
5. Due to the location of the institution clients must have the opportunity of enjoying clean, allergy-free sea air. The sea air contains pollutants and allergens only to a small degree; therefore long walks in the fresh air are of primary importance in order to achieve best results. While long walks at the seashore are taken and the sea air is breathed in, the minerals are absorbed into the blood circulation directly by way of the lung capillaries; and in times before antibiotics were taken into use patients with respiratory problems were always sent to health resorts at the seaside.
6. Heliotherapy, i.e. the use of sunlight, is also of considerable importance in terms of prevention and treatments for healing. With unfavourable weather conditions, the sunlight must be replaced by artificial UV-rays.
7. Regular spending of time in the fresh air and at the sea, be it through organised activities (training, gymnastics) or through taking walks (Nordic walking etc.) must be provided for.
8. The thalasso therapy is accompanied by the basic pillars of healthy ways of living: harmony between body and mind by the emphasis on opportunities for relaxation, changes in eating habits, propagation of health food and a sportive way of life (gymnastics, movement).


This massage made with a cream designed especially for men helps to replenish the body’s energy and power resources, which are so important for personal well being.
This full body massage also includes gentle stretching of legs and hands. Massage is the best-known method for reducing stress and relieving tension. Also, massage stimulates metabolism, restores lost energy and instills a feeling of contentedness.


Treat yourself to something truly special. This is a soothing massage full of rituals and caresses that takes care of your body and which has a recognizable aromatherapy effect. This massage includes pleasant stretching techniques and “bear strides”.


The massage starts with a small miracle, combining the effects of warmth and mud.
Warmth and energy – perfect bedfellows that complement one another and work together to achieve balance and harmony. This is a wonderful massage that helps you to relax and recharge your batteries!


This is an enjoyable bath with sea salt and aromatic oils. The exfoliating effect of the sea salt softens and cleanses your skin and improves blood circulation. The different aromas do wonders for your mood and are the perfect way to help you relax.


Treatment for tired, heavy, aching, spasmodic and swollen feet.
This procedure improves blood circulation in the feet, eliminates excessive liquid from feet and gives your feet a wonderful, light feeling.
The procedure is just as efficient as it is enjoyably relaxing. Your feet are wrapped with active substances and massaged gently.
Contraindications: sensitive or inflammatory skin, varicose veins, leg operations.



Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Underwater massage improves blood circulation and muscle tone and reduces excessive tension. It suits for treating rheumatism, arthritis, sleeping and metabolic disorders, backaches, kidney ailments, migraine and stress.
As a result of this massage blood circulation accelerates, oxygen content of the blood increases, improving metabolism and helping the body to get rid of toxins and residues.
A good method for stress treatment.
In underwater massage the therapist does not touch the patient and the effect is lighter. During the procedure, the patient lies in a large bathtub filled with warm water and the therapist massages the whole body using a jet of water under 0.6-1.5 atmospheres of pressure. The jet of water has a strong pressing effect on relaxed tissues without causing any unpleasant or painful sensations.
Underwater massage is suitable for limited joint mobility and lymphostasis.



Cupping is an ancient healing method. Here natural rubber cups are used to place on the affected area. Vacuum/cupping massage is applied for curing joint- and muscle pains, bronchitis, pneumonia, spasm of muscles, accumulation of cellulite.
In the cupping process, massage oil is applied on the skin, then the cup is set on the affected place and air is forced out. Vacuum, formed under the cup, drags the skin in. Next the cup is moved along the skin. Cups may remain on the painful spot for 2-3 minutes. 15 minutes of cupping massage is equal to an hour of manual massage. After the massage it is recommendable to rehydrate well due to oedema resulting from cupping and to intensify metabolic activity.

Vacuum massage may cause suffusions therefore it is contraindicative for patients with coagulation problems and those getting anticoagulant treatment.

Vacuum massage uses the effect of the negative pressure on the skin and the biologically active points on it.
It improves the functional activity of the skin, the functions of internal organs and blood supply, cleans the skin, and improves the skin’s defensive and regenerative qualities and acupunctural reactions.
Besides, it has an excellent psycho-emotional effect.
Diseases with progressing temperature, tumor diseases, pregnancy and cardiac insufficiency are also contraindicative.



Fra Mare Thalasso Spa

Water gymnastics – a suitable way of moving for those to whom usual gymnastics may be too difficult (joint disease patients, paralyzed people, overweight and just awkward people). In the water such people feel much lighter, exercising is easier and you get a sufficient training load in a short time.
Water gymnastics does not put too heavy a load on joints and the spine; neither will your muscles ache after exercising in water.


This fantastic body care treatment for back is sure to give you an immediate sense of well-being! Most stress is concentrated in the back, and that is why attention is focused on the back area throughout the procedure. Sea algae and mud contain luxurious body care substances which remove waste and residue from the body, energizing the entire body. A back mask of self-heating mud and active sea ingredients represents a healthy and very useful form of relaxation. After the procedure you will notice the improvements in the texture of your skin and how clean it is, and you will retain that feeling of warmth inside you.