Beauty treatments

Japanese hand care

Short-term care for perfect hands! The Emphasis is put on beautiful, clean and radiant fingernails and nail skin, and of course on gorgeous hands in general. Already after the first procedure your hands will look especially beautiful. During the procedure a deep and special peeling is performed. Special care is given to fingernails and nail skin. This procedure helps to balance the moisture in the skin and makes the hands soft and silky. This procedure is perfect for clients who have problems with dry hands, dry nail skins and with unattractive nail surface.

Facial paraffin – a simple luxury!

Facial paraffin is ideal for facial care and rejuvenation. The paraffin wax softens and nourishes your skin, stimulates blood circulation, improves the skin’s blood supply, relieves muscle tension, calms and relaxes.
Paraffin works on the skin as an insulating material, binding warmth and moisture. Pores open as in a mini-sauna and the moisturizing agents penetrate the deepest layers of the skin.
The result of this luxurious procedure – dry skin becomes smooth, and it acquires a youthful and healthy look.


Skincare lasts about 1 hour and 20 minutes and contains:
* face and décolleté area scrub;
* light foot massage;
* concentrate;
* eyecream;
* massage with Aquamarine sticks;
* individually suitable masque;
* Aquamarine day cream.

Aquamarine care:
* unites historical beauty secrets with modern technology;
* combines oriental treatment methods with traditional cosmetics;
* gives maximal recreation and care for soul and body;
* balances and harmonizes body function;
* guarantees a fresh energetic look;
* offers an extraordinary new experience;
* provides special wellness feeling;
* aquamarine stone energy removes energy blockages;
* care products are based on natural raw materials;
* guarantees a special feeling of wellbeing.

Aquamarine is a greenish-blue precious stone which belongs to the beryllium family. This stone has symbolized throughout the history harmony, peace of soul and wellness.
It harmonizes body and soul and calms down stressed skin.